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SJC rejects ‘millionaires tax’ ballot question

Folks - Now more than ever it is important to have real, Progressive Leadership in the Massachusetts Legislature.  In my opinion real progressives side stepped a potential hazard when the SJC stuck down the so-called  Millionaires's Tax.  It just was not good public policy to try and treat all income as the same.  In fact, we have differentiated classes of income:  W-2 income, Capital Gains, Gift, Inheritance, Schedule  K-1, Interest and Dividends and recognize that they represent income derived from different classes of property. 

And if you are going to truly call yourself a Progressive than you need to think about income not in terms of how much you make, but rather in terms of how you make it.  Said differently - do you work for your money or does your money work for you?

We need to tax Cap Gains differently than W-2 income, and we are able to without altering our Constitution here in Massachusetts.

Sweeney on Taxes


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