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Folks this is what any campaign is all about, The Issues.  I know that campaigns can seem like a popularity contest but they are not.  The question is  - How do you want to be represented?  This is your seat in the General Court of Massachusetts - our seat.  I want you to know how I would represent us if you were to choose me to represent the 15th Middlesex District.  Your insight on the issues most concerning to you are of the utmost importance.  So please be in touch if I can clarify anything, get together for coffee, add my stance on an issue here or help elaborate in any way.  Informed voters are the meat and potatoes of Democracy!


The time has come for us to deliver debt-free, public higher education for our people.

Clean Energy and the Environment

Cleaning up pollution is hard and expensive work.  We need to stop pollution at its source. 


I support shifting much of the tax burden to the wealthiest but am against the Millionaires Tax amendment.  My interpretation of Article 44 of the Massachusetts Constitution is that we can already tax capital gains differently from W-2 income. I believe that we should and not beginning with the 1 millionth dollar but with the first and we can today without amending the Massachusetts Constitution.

Workplace Democracy

Democracy means that those who have to live with a decision must therefore participate in making it.  If Democracy is valuable - how in the world did we come to be in a society which does not make Democracy valuable and applicable in the place where we spend most of our adult lives? The workplace.

Public Transportation

When it comes to Transportation – the simple fact is we need to invest heavily in our existing transportation infrastructure.  And as much as it pains me to say it we are going to have to borrow to do it. 


I fully believe in a Medicare for All approach to healthcare.  The market has proven incapable of allocating healthcare services to the people that need them.  I do not believe Massachusetts should try and go it alone. 


I pledge not to take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry, and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.

GLBTQ and the Transgender Anti-Discrimination Veto Referendum

It is absurd to to me that persons expressing their love of someone of the same gender or how someone expresses their own gender would need special protection under the law.  But make no mistake - They do.  

Committee to Elect William Sweeney
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